A cell population structuring model to estimate recombinant strain growth in a closed system for subsequent search of the mode to increase protein accumulation during protealysin producer cultivation

S P Klykov, V V Kurakov, V B Vilkov, I V Demidyuk, T Yu Gromova and D A Skladnev


In this paper we have proposed a new structured population growth model, further developing a model previously proposed by the authors. Based on this model, optimal growth characteristics of the recombinant strain Escherichia coli BL-21 (DE3) [pProPlnHis 6] were determined, which allowed us to increase the output of metalloproteinase by 300%.

We have experimentally demonstrated the applicability of the new model to cell cultures with implanted plasmids and the potential practical use for an output increase of a wide variety of biosynthesis processes.